Make the Most of Every Round

Use Hykso punch trackers to set clear goals every time you work out so you can improve faster than everyone else.

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    Track What Matters

    Automatically tracks each punch thrown, calculates its speed and recognizes its specific punch type

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    Workout Intensity

    Measure how hard you’re working with our proprietary boxing-specific metric called, Striking Intensity

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    Measure to Improve

    See how your Striking Intensity and punch count improve over time

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    Set Goals and Find Cycles

    Visualize your data over time to set goals and find the trends that matter to you

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    Learn from the Pros

    Follow our community of elite professional fighters and see how you stack up

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    Compete Outside the Ring

    Go head to head against gym mates on specific drills to compete and compare

Live Stats Provider for New England Fights

No More Guesswork

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    Monitor in Realtime

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    Use Insights to Define Goals

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    Review Performance Over Time

“My punch output has increased big time since I started using Hykso because I now go into every session with an exact number in mind that I want to either meet or exceed.”Brandon Berry, Pro Boxer

Compete Outside the Ring

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    Challenge Friends

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    Global Ranking

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    Gym vs. Gym

Connects instantly to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE

Learn from the Pros

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    Follow their Training

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    Adopt their Drills

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    Close that Gap

Javier Fortuna, WBA Super Featherweight Champion

Toka Kahn Clary, Undefeated Professional Prospect

Why Pre Order?

Small Second Batch

Act now and be among the exclusive club of fighters to use the sensors. Join the likes of Javier Fortuna and Cris Cyborg and get your hands on the most advanced training tool in combat sports.

Shipped in January 2017

More than 1,000 fighters already have secured their sensors and will be getting them early next year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of getting them before everyone else.

Huge Discount

We are pre-selling the next 100 units of the second batch for way under our final retail price of $189.95. Only a couple days left to get them at $149.95. Hurry up! Make sure you get this sweet deal.

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