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Cris Cyborg

June 8th 2016

Go behind the scene of Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino’s preparation for UFC 198.

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Bubba Jenkins

May 31st 2016

Read how Belator figther Bubba “The Highlight Kid” Jenkins has improved his stand-up game using Hykso.

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Road to Redemption

February 3rd 2016

Read how professional boxer Brandon “The Cannon” Berry has transformed his career by focusing on training smart.

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Boxer using Boxing Sensors
Strong Man

Overtrained ?

January 21st 2016

It’s getting close to 2 PM, we are on our way to meet with Fabrice Akue, who is the physical trainer for many athletes including former Canadian heavyweight champion Éric Martel-Bahoéli. He’ll tell us how to detect if you are training too much.

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Boxing Omerta

January 21st 2016

In boxing, coaches opening up and sharing their knowledge about the way they train their fighters are rare. As a consequence, a coach’s training methods are still what makes him stand out.

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Boxing Mitts

Punch Tracking

January 20th 2016

Check out Hykso founding team member and former USA Boxing national champion Tommy Duquette getting a quick workout in yesterday at our headquarters using our punch tracking sensors.
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Boxing Canada

December 26th 2015

Hykso sensors help Daniel Trépanier, Boxing Canada’s Head Coach, get the best of his fighters such as Caroline Veyre, Pan American Games gold medalist.

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Olympic Boxer Caroline Veyre