Meet the Hyksos

Why Hykso?

The first thing people want to know after asking how they should pronounce our name (it’s pronounced “hik-soh” by the way) is why we decided to name the company Hykso.
Well, the company is named after a mighty people that invaded Egypt in about 1650 BC. They are known to have brought several technical innovations to Egypt.

A Little History

We Drank
Cups of Coffee

We Worked

Out Of

Anno Domini

Khalil did his master thesis in MEMS at the University of Toronto. During the same time, he trained with some of the best boxing coaches in Ontario. The idea came to Khalil when he reached a level in boxing where progress becomes very hard to quantify and where the feedback from coaches becomes controversial. An objective tool was clearly needed, and there was none.

Our Team

Khalil Zahar

  • Top graduate and mentor at the Founder Institute.

  • Discovered and proved a novel method to calculate the drift time in Electrospray Ionization Ion Mobility Spectrometers.

  • Winner of the International Startup Festival Best On-Stage Pitch.

  • During his studies at University of Toronto, Khalil trained with some of the best boxing coaches in Canada.

Alex Marcotte

  • Found his passion for electronics at the age of 15 years old.

  • An all around electrical engineer with expertise on all levels from the embedded system hardware to mobile applications.

  • Engineering project manager on multiple successful projects, including the world’s most efficient electric vehicle at the Eco Shell Marathon 2014.

  • He is also a breakdancer.

Patrick Chandler
Chief Data Scientist

  • Early Entrepreneur who launched a profitable game company at the age of 12 over a single summer.

  • While studying at McGill University he was the head organizer of the largest student run charity event at McGill, the Open Air Pub, which raises $125k every year for local charities and non-profits.

  • He also won the McGill Engineering Week Design Competition for 2 years in a row.

  • He was a member of the underground McGill Algorithmic Trading Group.

Tommy Duquette
Head of Growth

  • Tommy is a 2013 graduate of Babson College’s Business Management and Entrepreneurship program (Magna Cum Laude).

  • He is a multiple-time Golden Gloves champion and a former member of the United States National Boxing Team.

  • He entered the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials as the #2 seed and just missed qualifying for the London Games after losing to Olympian Jamel Herring on a razor-thin 12-12 tie breaker.

  • He enjoys reading. His favourite author is Cormac McCarthy .

Alex Lapointe
VP Research and Development

  • Built the world’s most efficient electric vehicle at the Eco Shell Marathon 2014, still undefeated.

  • Lead organizer of the largest social events on the University of Sherbrooke campus.

  • Involved in the electronics and computer sciences for more than 10 years.

  • World Traveler, musician, surfer & snowboarder.

Jay S. Rousseau
Marketing Operations

  • Won best upcoming journalist award from Laval University.

  • Part of the Founding team of the Lean Startup Circle in Montreal.

  • Mentor and teacher in Quebec City’s tech incubator.

  • 2001 Quebec Champion in gymnastics.

Our Advisors

Vicken Kanadjian

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Cesium, Inc.
Vicken was the first to unlock iPhones in Canada.

Sergio Escobar

Director of Founder Institute’s Montreal Chapter
Sergio leads the world’s most successful Founder Institute chapter.

Naveen Jain

CMO & Co-Founder at Immunity Project
Naveen is a Y-Combinator alumni. He manages social medias for celebrities such as Bon Jovi and the Killers.

Melvina Lathan

NY State Athletic Commission
Melvina was the first African American woman named commissioner for the state of New-York’s athletic commission.

Marc -Antoine Ross

Data Engineer, Intel Security
Co-Founder at PassworBox, acquired by Intel

Rodolphe Beaulieu

Partner at LB3i Sports Inc.
Rodolphe is an agent for UFC’s biggest fighters including Georges Saint-Pierre

Ray Smaltz

Executive Producer, Showtime
Ray has worked on the most watched fight ever to air on Showtime.

Chad Godfrey

Current VP at Flex Pharma Nasdaq FLKS working on consumer brand Team Hostshot. Previous roles include management at successful acquisitions including and